Brown Rice, Tumeric, Black Pepper & Beans

Tumeric has several health benefits and it seems that Black Pepper increases those benefits.

I add 2 Tbsp of Tumeric to the water when I make brown rice in my Instant Pot. Then I grind fresh peppercorns to garnish when I eat my Tumeric Rice. ( I started out by putting the black pepper in the rice before cooking, but the cooked rice then looks like it has bugs in it.) 1/2 cup Tumeric rice with 1 cup beans is a good ratio for my blood sugars. I read in “The Blue Zones” book that one common thing that cultures with longevity have is they eat 1 cup of beans every day. Tumeric Rice is an easy dish to warm up as are the Beans, so I make them each once a week in my Instant Pot and keep them in separate jars in my frig. You’d be amazed at all the meals that can be made by adding additional ingredients to a base of Tumeric Rice and Beans. One of my favorites is a wrap with “Joseph’s Lavash Bread Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Reduced Carb” with my favorite toppings. I find Starwest Botanicals to be my favorite Brand for many of my organic bulk purchases. They ship in “no frills” sealed labeled Mylar Bags.

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