Watch “Healthy Living with Chef A.J.” YouTube Videos

My son bought an Instant Pot for me when they first came out. I used it occasionally to replace a slow cooker. Then I discovered Chef A.J. videos when I searched for videos on how to use it more. Now I have 3 Instant Pots & use them almost everyday. Chef A.J. interviews Medical Doctors […]

Use Fully Synthetic Oil, a Synthetic Oil Filter, and a bottle of Fuel System cleaner every oil change.

When my pickup was 10 yrs old, a neighbor mechanic was recruited for big bucks to maintain our military vehicles overseas. Treating me like his mom, he offered to change my oil for free in his garage. He wrote down 3 items that he needed me to buy to keep my old vehicle running. The […]

Travel with your pets!

I bought this Pet Stroller to make traveling with my service dog and cat easier to manage with all the necessary carry-ons in airports. It can handle 75 lbs of weight – sufficient to carry my laptop, duffel bag, cat carrier, diabetic supplies and purse. Some of those gates are pretty far apart! When boarding […]

Plug equipment into a high quality surge protector that plugs into a backup UPS for brown out protection.

Equipment can “brown out” just as easily as “surge out” and having your equipment plug into a high joule rated surge protector that then plugs into the backup outlet helps to eliminate both the “surge out” and the “brown out”. I use this Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W UPS Battery Back Up, 3 Year Warranty & […]

Berkey Water System

PURIFIED DRINKING WATER FOR THE HOME, OFFICE, TRAVEL, CAMPING, RV, EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS This powerful water filter purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. Perfect for outdoor activities and a must in hostile […]